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Free Spanish literacy resources your readers will love

As a Dual Language teacher in the D.C. area, I spent long hours online hunting for quality Spanish texts. One disheartening search after another. Nada. I’ve been there many times before, and I understand it’s frustrating — but it doesn’t have to be! CommonLit’s free digital Spanish library offers accessible and engaging reading passages in all content areas. Thousands of teachers are already using CommonLit Español for their literacy instruction. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Relevant and engaging content in all subject areas

Captivate your students with our content-rich informational texts on STEM and history topics, such as this report on real-life zombies, this persuasive letter on food waste, or this article on why bees are vanishing.

You’ll also love our biographies of historical and contemporary figures, such as Anne Frank, César Chávez, Lionel Messi, and Shakira.

2. Authentic Spanish reading passages

Say goodbye to bland texts that leave your students staring at the clock. When you use CommonLit Español, you know that your students are reading texts that are thought-provoking, culturally relevant, and meaningful.

Find short stories and poems by a diverse range of Hispanic authors such as Horacio Quiroga, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, José Martí, María Elena Walsh, Antonio Machado, Alma Flor Ada, and others!

CommonLit "Textos Populares" in Spanish library.
A selection of popular literary texts from our Featured Content carousel.

3. Data-driven instruction

Monitor student progress and plan for future instruction through our easy-to-use Student Performance dashboards. Each CommonLit reading lesson includes a set of rigorous standards-aligned assessment questions that has been carefully developed by our team of literacy specialists.

Whole class and individual student performance can be tracked by standard to detect trends and areas of improvement. The Student Performance dashboards, along with every other tool and feature on the site, are designed by our team of expert educators, so you can trust them to be the very best.

Snapshot of a Student Performance dashboard from a Spanish Language Arts class.
Snapshot of a Student Performance dashboard from a Spanish Language Arts class.

4. Tools to help every reader succeed

Equip your struggling readers with the tools they need to access grade-level texts.

  • Annotations: Students and teachers can highlight and take notes within each text. All student annotations are saved and teachers can monitor and comment on student annotations in real time.
  • Guided Reading Mode: This feature breaks the reading into chunks, poses comprehension questions, and gives students real-time feedback on their understanding.
  • Glossary: In each text, challenging and academically relevant vocabulary words are defined to support struggling readers.
  • Blended Learning: CommonLit’s lessons exist in both a printable and digital format. This means that the curriculum will be able to work no matter where your students live or where you teach.
CommonLit lesson "El Dia De Los Muertos" with Guided Reading Questions highlighted.
Enable Guided Reading Mode to support student comprehension.

5. Everyone’s favorite F-word… FREE!

That’s right! CommonLit Español is — and will always be — a free resource for teachers and students. Are you wondering how? Michelle Brown, our CEO and founder, explains how we’re able to provide this amazing resource at no cost to you in this post.

What are you waiting for? Explore the CommonLit Español library today!