CommonLit Schools & Districts 5 Reasons Why a CommonLit Crosswalk is the Perfect Add-on for Your School or District

Are you looking to enhance your current curriculum with high-quality ELA instructional resources that are aligned to your instructional plan? Maybe you’re looking for aligned supplemental resources to support diverse learners? CommonLit Crosswalks are a perfect solution for districts looking to level up their ELA instruction for teachers! 

CommonLit Crosswalks are customized plans tailored to your school or district’s instructional goals, and an add-on to our School Essentials or School Essentials PRO support packages.  With a Crosswalk, teachers can  quickly access carefully curated lessons, expert teaching tips, and easy-to-use planning tools that strengthen instruction and save time.

  1. Aligned to Your Curriculum

Take the guesswork out of trying to find quality supplemental lessons - our CommonLit team can build a custom crosswalk aligned to your curriculum. Whether your school or district has designed their own curriculum, adopted a core curriculum, or is looking for lessons to support with academic intervention, CommonLit Crosswalks are a perfect way to provide supplemental ELA instructional resources aligned to your instructional goals. 

Our experts will work directly with your team to learn about your literacy priorities, as well as unit themes, essential questions, and anchor texts. Then, we’ll curate your Crosswalk using high-quality content, like Book Pairings and Target Lessons, from our extensive supplemental library of over 3,000 texts for grades 3-12. With a CommonLit Crosswalk, you can ensure that the ELA instructional resources teachers are using are rigorous and directly aligned to your school or district’s curriculum.

The CommonLit Library includes thousands of informational and literary texts.
  1. Engaging Supplemental Resources

Your custom CommonLit Crosswalk is not only aligned to your curriculum resources, it will also include high-interest, contemporary texts from our library that are relevant and engaging for students. These lessons include several resources to plan for student engagement and discussion. There are Paired Texts, with cross-textual questions that help build rigor for students, and options for Related Media, which provide engaging videos and media resources that build background knowledge before diving into the text. 

Our hand-picked lessons also include discussion questions, so students have the opportunity to consistently share in class and teachers can facilitate in ways that bring the text to life. Teachers won’t have to waste valuable time looking for resources - they can easily access these curated texts all in one place from their CommonLit account, making it easy to bolster a novel study, build in opportunities for cross-textual analysis, or provide options for extended learning! Tracy Hunt, District Facilitator for English Language Arts at Mid-Del School District in Oklahoma says, “One thing they (teachers) love is that it saves them time because teachers have so many things on their plate. They also like the interface of CommonLit. The features in CommonLit are research-based and solid.”

Each lesson includes a selection of paired texts for inspiring cross-textual connections.
  1. Differentiation to Support Diverse Learners

We know it can be a heavy lift for teachers to find the right lesson to address standards or skills for differentiated learning.  Every Crosswalk also includes texts that are one grade level below and one grade level above in your customized plan. Crosswalks can also include skills-based Target Lessons for supportive intervention, and texts from our Spanish library to support multilingual learners. Plus, all of our digital lessons include differentiation tools (e.g. read-aloud, translation for over 30 languages, annotation) to support students. 

CommonLit Crosswalks include lesson suggestions to scaffold for students at higher and lower grade levels.
  1. Valuable Formative Data to Drive Instruction

When teachers assign lessons from their CommonLit Crosswalk, you can be sure our rigorous assessment questions will provide reliable data across your school or district. All of our library lessons include a short assessment that has pre-written multiple choice and short answer questions that are aligned to the standards and check students’ mastery of the text. If teachers are using selected Target Lessons from their Crosswalk, each lesson will focus on one specific skill. Target Lessons include before, during and after reading activities to provide students with practice of framing that skill, practicing and assessing them on that skill. 

Comparing student performance on assessments is easy with a Crosswalk - your team can choose a lesson from our curated list to teach across a grade level and compare student performance.  Teachers can use this valuable formative data to help adjust and differentiate instruction for their students.

Each CommonLit lesson includes comprehensive data reports based on standards performance.
  1. Wrap-Around Support with Implementation

Once you receive your Crosswalk, our literacy experts will work with you on creating a Professional Development plan for your team to cover best practices, how to utilize your Crosswalk effectively and support teachers with a strong plan for implementation. The best part? With a CommonLit partnership, your team will receive live webinar trainings, ongoing support from your account manager and on-demand professional development modules to ensure teachers have a strong understanding of how to use our ELA instructional resources!

Our CommonLit literary team has also created Crosswalks that easily complement commonly used curricula. Our custom CommonLit Crosswalks pair well with popular curricula like StudySync, MyPerspectives, and HMH Into Literature.

Want to learn more? Pricing for CommonLit Crosswalks starts at $6,000 with the purchase of a School Essentials or School Essentials PRO package. To learn more about how your school or district can get curated lessons for your curriculum, reach out to us here at CommonLit.

Roll out CommonLit Crosswalks alongside School Essentials or School Essentials PRO.