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Have you struggled to find authentic Spanish language texts for your students? We know how you feel!

CommonLit lesson for “Bilingüe” by Alma Flor Ada
A glimpse at one of our lessons in the Spanish library

We at CommonLit are well aware of how widely taught the Spanish language is. Whether it be in a Dual Language Program or in a Spanish classroom, it’s crucial to provide quality texts to support Spanish literacy development. For these reasons, we now have well over 800 Spanish lessons on our site spanning grades 3-12!

These lessons include a wide variety of literary and informational texts, ranging from stories and poems to articles on STEM and history topics. Throughout the rest of this article, I’ll show you how you can access all of these great lessons and features.

CommonLit’s Spanish Library
CommonLit’s Spanish library

When you arrive at the CommonLit website, you can view all our Spanish texts by navigating to the library and then switching from English to Spanish in the filters bar. You can also access our website in Spanish by clicking “Spanish Texts” in the “For teachers” drop down menu at the top of the page or by navigating to our CommonLit Español website.

Arrow pointing to “For teachers” drop down menu on to access Spanish Texts

Once you’ve selected your lesson, you can enjoy the same features that are found on our English texts. For example, you can enable Guided Reading Mode questions to chunk the text for struggling readers and require that a student answer a question correctly before progressing to the next section of a text.

CommonLit lesson "Una Nota Breve Sobre Como Ser Mejores en Las Cosas Difíciles" with Guided Reading question tab highlighted.
CommonLit’s Spanish lessons also have Guided Reading Questions.

Like the English language lessons, the lessons in Spanish also include Assessment and Discussion questions, along with a glossary composed of footnotes and definitions. It’s everything you’ve seen before, just in Spanish.

Assessment tab highlighted under Questions.
An example of a Spanish Assessment question

We hope that you are as thrilled as we are about these additions to our site, and we can’t wait to provide you with more engaging Spanish texts over the years to come!