CommonLit Schools & Districts CommonLit 360 Bring CommonLit to your district in 4 easy steps

Exploring new curriculum options? Work with our team to try out CommonLit 360 with full support in your district.

CommonLit 360 is a full-year standards-aligned ELA curriculum for grades 6-12 that includes highly engaging units, supports all learners, and is shown to accelerate student learning.

Choosing a new curriculum is a major decision for schools and districts, and it’s important to ensure a program is effective for your team. Below, we explain how we support an effective pilot of the CommonLit 360 curriculum. We’ll provide your team with professional development, data tracking tools, and consultation to build knowledge and enthusiasm and support your decision making process.

Step 1: Schedule a call with your CommonLit expert

At CommonLit, we provide customized support to all of our partners. During this initial call, we’ll learn about your teams’ adoption timeline and goals.

Then, we’ll work with you to create a pilot plan and schedule your kick-off training to get your team set up.

Step 2: Get personalized training

Once your digital classes are set up, we’ll lead a 60-minute session to train your teachers on the design of CommonLit 360 and help them develop strategies to confidently facilitate a unit. Teachers will learn how to access and assign materials, internalize student outcomes, and plan their lessons.

After this session, teachers will be able to continue learning in CommonLit’s Professional Development Portal, which has dozens of trainings that support CommonLit 360 with best practices and strategies for tracking student progress. Learn more about how CommonLit’s Professional Development can accelerate student growth.

Step 3: Complete a unit

At this point, teachers will be excited to dive into their first CommonLit 360 unit with students! Your CommonLit expert will be on hand to answer any questions that pop up.

Together, we’ll schedule times to connect throughout the pilot. During those sessions, we’ll host discussions about navigating CommonLit’s digital platform, differentiating instruction, monitoring student progress, engagement strategies, and much more.

Step 4: Plan next steps

After your team completes the pilot, we’ll debrief and build a tailored plan for official implementation. We’ll take time to discuss what your team loved and any additional areas for support.

Our full curriculum support package is just $6,500 per school, and we offer discounts for multi-year contracts.

CommonLit School Essentials PRO Plus pricing chart

Is your team ready to pilot CommonLit 360?