CommonLit Schools & Districts Get Hand-Picked Lessons Directly Aligned to Your Curriculum

Support instruction with CommonLit Crosswalks

Have you ever had a traditional textbook adoption that was expensive and quickly became outdated? As a result, these under-utilized resources can create misalignment and force teachers to look for their own resources to support their curriculum. Countless hours are spent scouring the internet looking for lesson plans with variable quality. CommonLit Crosswalk takes that burden off of teachers while enhancing and supplementing existing curriculum with engaging lessons from CommonLit. 

CommonLit Crosswalks provide a guiding document for schools and districts that ensures alignment between your current curriculum and CommonLit’s library of texts. Your personalized Crosswalk allows teachers to quickly access carefully curated lessons, expert teaching tips, and concise lesson details that strengthen instruction and save time. Tracy Hunt, District Facilitator for English Language Arts at Mid-Del School District in Oklahoma says, “We worked with CommonLit to create a Crosswalk where teachers have a list of texts available, so they don’t have to hunt and peck to find resources. There’s so little time for teachers, so anything that can help save time is great.” 

Here’s how to get a CommonLit Crosswalk for your team. 

Step 1: Schedule a call with our literacy experts

During this initial call, we’ll find out more about your school or district’s literacy goals and priorities and how CommonLit can best support them. CommonLit’s instructional experts will learn more about your current English Language Arts scope and sequence as well as themes and topics of your existing curriculum. 

Step 2: Share your curriculum materials with our team

Once you’ve provided CommonLit with your current curriculum resources, our experts will search through thousands of our library lessons to find ones that align with your Essential Questions, unit themes or topics. These choices will include selections from the CommonLit lesson library as well as suggested supplemental resources like Book Pairings and Target Lessons from our site. 

Step 3: Receive your CommonLit Crosswalk

As with all true partnerships, the CommonLit team will work with your school or district to ensure your CommonLit Crosswalk is best suited to your instructional needs. Once you receive your Crosswalk, a thoughtfully and carefully curated list of lessons, our literacy experts will work with you on an implementation and Professional Development plan for your team and make sure you have a strong plan for implementation. 

Step 4: Teach with your CommonLit Crosswalk

One of the most critical components of an educational resource is ease of access and consistent use. With a CommonLit Crosswalk in place, your school or district’s tailor-made curricular resource will be housed in your teachers’ CommonLit accounts so they can quickly access recommended lessons. In addition, your CommonLit literacy expert will be available to answer any questions that arise.

These four steps are all it takes to bring dynamic new lessons to an already established curriculum or thematic framework. 

Pricing for CommonLit Crosswalks starts at $6,000. To learn more about how your school or district can get curated lessons for your curriculum, reach out to us here at CommonLit.