Looking for Great Informational Texts? Check out our Science News for Students Articles

At CommonLit, we believe that rigorous literacy instruction means balancing great literature with engaging informational texts. That's why we've partnered with Science News for Students to bring fascinating new non-fiction into your classrooms. As always, we've conveniently organized each article by theme, so you can identify the texts that fit best with your content.

Teaching The Hunger Games or The Giver? Assign students this text on drones and discuss the costs and benefits of surveillance. Reading Pride and Prejudice or To Kill a Mockingbird? Have students read this article about how stereotypes affect hurricane safety, or this one that exposes humanity's inner prejudice.

Below are our favorite Science News for Students texts. Would you like to see more science-related content on the site? Contact us here to share your ideas.

Stereotypes might make 'female' hurricanes deadlier The distracted teenage brain Stress for success
Fracking fuels energy debate A teen and a trolley Tiny plastic big problem
Watch out cell phones can be addictive fear prompts teens to act impulsively the bright side of sadness
maybe mean girls mental games have a purpose why are bees vanishing drones text