CommonLit 360 Progress Monitoring Made Easy with 360 Unit Skills Assessments

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Quickly collect the formative data you need to seamlessly measure student reading comprehension, identify skill gaps, and plan future instruction as you teach CommonLit’s 360 Curriculum

Is your team planning to implement CommonLit’s 360 curriculum at your school or district?

If so, our Unit Skills Assessments are the perfect complement; they make it extremely easy for teachers and instructional leaders to quickly capture student comprehension data and performance on key reading skills.

In this blog post, you’ll learn all about these easy-to-use assessments and how your team can unlock them for SY 23-24.

What are 360 Unit Skills Assessments?

Each unit in the 360 Curriculum comes with two Unit Skills Assessments that can be flexibly used to track student achievement. These assessments can be easily administered through CommonLit’s digital platform and completed by students in a single class period.

Unit Skills Assessments can be flexibly assigned throughout a CommonLit 360 unit.

Each assessment includes a grade-level passage that aligns to the topics and themes discussed in that particular unit. They also include roughly 10 multiple choice questions and an optional writing question. These questions focus primarily on the skills that are explicitly taught in that unit.

After students complete these digital assessments, teachers and instructional leaders receive easy-to-read data reports. These reports provide overall information about class trends, student comprehension, and how students performed by standard. With this data in hand, teachers can easily craft remediation plans to ensure that all students are able to continue making academic progress.

Screenshot of Assessment Report from Unit Skill Assessment
Assessment reports provide easy-to-use, actionable data. 

Unlocking 360 Unit Skill Assessments

Unit Skill Assessments can be unlocked with the purchase of School Essentials PRO Plus. This package costs $5,500 per school per year and it’s the ideal package for schools and districts that are implementing CommonLit 360. It is specially designed to provide your team with the assessments, Professional Development, data tracking tools, and integrations that your team needs to ensure full success.

In addition to Unit Skills Assessments, teams will gain access to:

If you would like to talk with a CommonLit 360 specialist about our paid packages, schedule a quick call, here.

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