CommonLit Archive Spark Reading Growth with CommonLit School Essentials

CommonLit School Essentials gives teachers access to benchmark assessments with actionable data, asynchronous professional development modules, and more.

You might already be familiar with, a digital literacy program that includes over 3,000 English/Spanish reading lessons for grades 3–12. CommonLit’s program has become a go-to resource for English, Science, and Social Studies teachers who are looking for high-quality poems, short stories, and informational texts to drive student achievement.

Teachers have come to love our digital literacy program’s read-aloud tool, translation functionality (which includes over 30 languages!), annotation tool, and scaffolded reading comprehension questions. These features provide teachers with more opportunities to differentiate instruction and support all learners in the classroom.

For schools and districts looking to turbocharge their usage of CommonLit’s free program, we’re offering two paid packages: CommonLit School Essentials and CommonLit School Essentials PRO. In this blog post, we’ll be highlighting the benefits of CommonLit School Essentials.

At $2,500 per school, CommonLit School Essentials is CommonLit’s most affordable package. It includes:

CommonLit Assessment Series

With CommonLit’s Assessment Series, teachers in grades 3–12 gain access to 3 specialized benchmark assessments. The first assessment will allow teachers to collect diagnostic reading data at the start of the year. Later in the year, teachers will be able to administer two additional assessments and measure student growth from the beginning to the end of the school year.

Customized Onboarding Experience

With Clever, Canvas, ClassLink, or Google Classroom, roster management is made easy. We will work with your team to choose the best rostering solution for your teachers and students. Students can quickly log in to CommonLit via Single Sign-On and teachers can focus on instruction (instead of resetting student passwords).

During the school year, your team will also have access to a dedicated account manager from CommonLit’s District Success team and teachers will receive an answer to all technical questions within one business day.

CommonLit Professional Development Portal

This on-demand training library includes dozens of trainings that focus on best practices for using the CommonLit Library and CommonLit 360. These self-paced training modules include helpful tips for navigating, real-life classroom examples, and application tasks. Each training is designed to be flexible and easy to use, and can be facilitated by an instructional leader or completed independently by teachers.

Bring CommonLit's Assessment Series to Your School or District

Interested in getting rigorous, easy-to-use benchmark assessments at your school or district? Save thousands with CommonLit. Get an affordable quote for your school or district below:

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Next Steps

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