CommonLit Target Lessons Target Lessons About Courageous Women

Inspire students with lessons about women who stood up, broke barriers, and changed the world, while helping them practice key comprehension skills with CommonLit’s Target Lessons.

At CommonLit, we are always thinking about new ways to support students and teachers, which is why we are excited to present our Target Lessons about Courageous Women!

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Target Lessons are easy-to-use, highly engaging lessons that teach students key comprehension skills. They include scaffolded Pre-Reading, During Reading, and Post-Reading activities to build students’ engagement and knowledge as they move through the lesson. Check out our primer on Target Lessons here:

Target Lessons are based on high-interest topics that are sure to get your students excited. In this blog post, we’ll look at Target Lessons about Courageous Women. As students learn about these women’s achievements, they will practice key comprehension skills, including identifying and analyzing Main Idea, Connecting Ideas, and Point of View.

Main Idea

Trailblazing Surgeon Mary Walker Still One of A Kind (8th Grade)

In this Target Lesson, students will read about the life and achievements of Mary Walker, the first woman surgeon. As students read, they will identify the main idea of each section to build their understanding of Walker’s accomplishments and impact.

Amelia Earhart (9th Grade)

During a time when women were not encouraged to take risks or pursue dangerous careers, Amelia Earhart proved that women could be just as talented as men. In this lesson, students will learn about Earhart’s accomplishments and practice identifying the main idea of each section.

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Each Target Lesson clearly states “Today’s Target” so students know what skill they will focus on while they read.

Connecting Ideas

Malala Yousafzai: A Normal Yet Powerful Girl (6th Grade)

In this inspiring lesson, students will learn how Malala Yousafzai advocates for women’s education worldwide. They will answer questions during reading to help them understand the connection between Malala’s perspective and the events that shaped her life.

First Woman to Wear a Boston Bib Races Again, 50 Years Later (7th Grade)

In this Target Lesson, students will learn about Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to officially enter the Boston Marathon in 1967. They will explore the connections between the challenges Switzer faced and her impact on the sport of running.

Before Rosa Parks, There Was Claudette Colvin (7th Grade)

Many students have heard of Rosa Parks, the African-American woman who refused to give up her seat on the bus - but do they know that Claudette Colvin did so first? Students will explore how Colvin’s actions influenced the Montgomery Bus Boycott in this fascinating text.

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As students read, they will answer scaffolded comprehension questions to gain mastery of the target skill.

Rosie the Riveter (7th Grade)

This informational lesson will teach students about the origins and impact of the iconic Rosie the Riveter. They will examine how the idea of Rosie inspired women in the United States during World War II and beyond.

Point of View

Rosa Parks: Beyond the Bus (7th Grade)

Few people know the extent and impact of Rosa Parks’ lifelong work as a civil rights activist. In this Target Lesson, students will explore Parks’ achievements and analyze the author’s point of view about the role she played in the Civil Rights Movement.

Katie Sowers is the first woman to coach in a Super Bowl. Her goal: ‘Make Sure I’m Not the Last’ (8th Grade)

Katie Sowers made history as the first woman to coach in a Super Bowl game. In this exciting lesson, students will learn about Sowers’ passion and dedication while analyzing the author’s point of view about women coaches in the NFL.

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All Target Lessons include Assessment Questions so teachers get formative data about key comprehension skills.

Next Steps

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