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Get students thinking critically with lessons about human behavior while helping them practice key comprehension skills with CommonLit’s Target Lessons.

At CommonLit, we are always thinking about new ways to support students and teachers, which is why we are excited to present our Target Lessons about Human Behavior!

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Target Lessons are easy-to-use, highly engaging lessons that teach students key comprehension skills. They include scaffolded Pre-Reading, During Reading, and Post-Reading activities to build students’ engagement and knowledge as they move through the lesson. Check out our primer on Target Lessons here:

Target Lessons are based on high-interest topics that are sure to get your students excited. In this blog post, we’ll look at Target Lessons about Human Behavior. As students learn about psychological studies and tricks, they will practice key comprehension skills, including identifying and analyzing Main Idea, Connecting Ideas, and Point of View.

Main Idea

Herd Behavior (7th Grade)

In this Target Lesson, students will learn about herd behavior, the tendency of individuals to think and act as a group. As students read, they will identify the main idea of each section to build their understanding about the concept and how it affects the choices people make.

The Nature Vs Nurture Debate (8th Grade)

Students may be familiar with this common debate – is our personality determined by genetics or by how we are raised? In this lesson, students will explore the nature vs nurture debate and identify the main idea of each section.

"Target" section for "The Nature vs. Nurture Debate" Target Lesson
Each Target Lesson clearly states “Today’s Target” so students know what skill they will focus on while they read.

Why Teens Find the End of the World So Appealing (8th Grade)

This informational lesson will help students analyze teens’ love for dystopian fiction. Students will identify the main idea of each section to explore why teens are so drawn to stories that take place in imperfect societies.

Connecting Ideas

A Teen and Trolley Reveal Society's Dark Side (6th Grade)

In this engaging lesson, students will learn about the “trolley problem” by examining a social science experiment and the biases it revealed about society. Students will answer questions about how bias influences the way we make decisions.

"Reading and Questions" section for "A Teen and a Trolley Reveal Society's Dark Side" Target Lesson
As students read, they will answer scaffolded comprehension questions to gain mastery of the target skill. 

Compliance (8th Grade)

In this Target Lesson, students will read about the idea of compliance and the three techniques most commonly used for getting people to comply. They will explore how the implementation of these techniques influences other people’s decisions.

Point of View

Why Good Advertising Works (Even if You Think It Doesn’t) (7th Grade)

Good advertising can influence us, even when we don’t think it does! In this lesson, students explore the art and effects of advertising and analyze the author’s point of view about the impact of advertising.

"Assessment" section for "Why Good Advertising Works (Even When You Think It Doesn't" Target Lesson
All Target Lessons include Assessment Questions so teachers get formative data about key comprehension skills.

Next Steps

Looking for more engaging lessons to build knowledge and skills? Explore our library of Target Lessons here, featuring high-interest topics like Teens We Can Learn From, Protecting Animals, and more!