Trainings for Elementary Educators in CommonLit's Professional Development Portal

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These trainings help elementary educators use CommonLit effectively.

At CommonLit, we’re committed to ensuring that educators have all of the tools they need to support their students. We offer a Professional Development Portal for partner schools and districts to provide teachers with the necessary training to fully utilize CommonLit’s digital program.

Individual schools and districts will be able to access this set of Professional Development resources with the purchase of CommonLit’s Fall Special Package. Once a school or district purchases a package, all of the teachers and coaches in that school or district will be able to access this library of trainings through their CommonLit accounts.

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This portal includes 13 on-demand trainings that help elementary teachers and administrators understand how to make the most out of CommonLit’s library and digital tools. The trainings are also flexibly designed to fit into any professional development plan; they can be facilitated by an instructional leader or completed independently by teachers who are looking to develop their skills.

Below, you can review a list of training modules for elementary educators included in CommonLit’s Professional Development Portal:

CommonLit Basics.

This set of six trainings is designed to support educators who are new to CommonLit and help them master the basics of lesson planning with CommonLit.

CommonLit Basics: Finding the Perfect Lesson from CommonLit’s Library

In this training, you will learn insider tips for filtering and searching CommonLit’s library to find the perfect lesson. By the end of this module, participants will choose at least one text to add to your next unit.

CommonLit Basics: Planning Your First Lesson on CommonLit

In this training, we will share information about the lesson planning resources that come with each CommonLit text, including assessment questions, discussion questions, related media, and paired texts. Then, we’ll share best practices for using those resources in a lesson.

CommonLit Basics: Customizing and Assigning a Digital Lesson on CommonLit

In this training, we will share tips for customizing digital lessons on CommonLit. This training is ideal for teachers who are new to CommonLit’s digital platform.

CommonLit Basics: Previewing CommonLit’s Student Experience

By the end of this training, teachers will have a full understanding of the student experience on CommonLit and will have resources that they can share with students to help them navigate CommonLit seamlessly.

CommonLit Basics: Introduction to CommonLit for Administrators

In this brief training, administrators will learn the key benefits of CommonLit’s digital literacy program.

CommonLit Basics: Overview of CommonLit for Teachers

In this brief training, teachers will learn the basics of what resources and tools are available through CommonLit’s reading program.

Advanced Lesson Planning Strategies

These trainings highlight a variety of advanced strategies for effectively utilizing CommonLit’s digital resources.

Scaffolding Reading Instruction Using CommonLit

In this training, we will review tips for using CommonLit’s digital platform to scaffold instruction. Teachers will learn more about how to promote the effective use of CommonLit’s Guided Reading Mode, text-to-speech tool, translation tool, digital annotations, and flexible assignment options.

Choosing CommonLit Lessons for Homework

In this training, we will focus on best practices for choosing texts from CommonLit’s library to assign for homework.

Effectively Teaching One of CommonLit’s Supplemental Units

In this training, you will learn best practices for selecting, previewing, assigning, and customizing instructional materials in CommonLit’s Supplemental Units.

Advanced Strategies for Data-Driven Instruction

These trainings highlight a variety of best practices for utilizing CommonLit’s grading, feedback, and data tracking features to effectively monitor and promote student growth.

Using CommonLit Data to Determine Instructional Next Steps

In this training, we will review tips for tracking student data on CommonLit and share best practices for creating instructional next steps based on that data.

Utilizing CommonLit Data for Action Planning with Students

In the training, we will share strategies for how to analyze CommonLit’s individual student data reports and strategies for using that data to have productive conversations with students.

Effectively Using CommonLit’s Assessment Series: Administering the Pre-Assessment

In the training, we will give an overview about CommonLit’s Assessment Series, offer strategies for administering the Pre- assessment, and share strategies for analyzing your students’ data to inform your instructional next steps.

Family Engagement

Engaging with Families to Support Home Learning with CommonLit

In this training, we will share strategies and resources for engaging with families throughout the school year.

Getting Access to the Professional Development Portal

CommonLit’s Professional Development Portal is included in CommonLit’s Fall Special Package.

The Fall Special Package costs just $1,000 per school for the remainder of the SY 21–22 and is designed to support teams as they roll out CommonLit’s full instructional program. Teams receive access to the Professional Development Portal, a live kick-off training, rostering support via Clever or Google Classroom, and a dedicated account manager. This essential toolkit is a great way to help ensure that teachers can fully utilize CommonLit’s comprehensive program.

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