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For many school administrators, two of the most dreaded words during the “Back to School” season are Teacher Training. In fact, just the term Professional Development alone can elicit groans from admin as they work to balance all the extra responsibilities that the beginning of the school year brings against the in-the-moment needs of brand new teachers or new hires due to teacher turnover. Do you outsource the teacher training and not get exactly what you need? Or do you spend hours researching and writing the professional development yourself?

So what is the answer to the familiar “Back to School Teacher Training” Problem? CommonLit 360, of course.

CommonLit 360 Teacher Training

CommonLit 360 is a high-quality, research-based ELA curriculum that provides teachers with 180 days of engaging and rigorous literacy lessons. This curriculum becomes even more effective when paired with CommonLit’s targeted and powerful Professional Development. Research has shown that professional development for teachers doesn't just increase student performance, it can also increase teacher confidence and effectiveness. When schools partner with CommonLit via our affordable paid packages, CommonLit 360 provides teachers with everything they need for a robust year of learning while giving administrators the opportunity to see building-wide data and learning trends.

Teacher Training on Your Terms

As part of our affordably priced CommonLit School Essentials PRO Plus package, partner schools receive live quarterly online Professional Development webinars led by our District Success Account Managers. In addition to teacher-focused topics like “Data Driven Instruction,” these quarterly webinars are also geared towards administrators with such subjects as “Building Your CommonLit 360 Toolkit to Support Teachers.” In addition to the live teacher training webinar sessions, teachers and administrators who partner with CommonLit also have access to our Professional Development Portal that houses a library of over 75 self-paced, online professional development sessions on such topics as “Strategies for Facilitating 360 Discussion Lessons” and “Scaffolding Instruction to Support All Readers.” These instructional materials can be accessed by individual teachers, or your school’s instructional leaders can facilitate a teacher training session with ease using our pre-made professional development resources. With our wide variety of teacher training options, CommonLit is dedicated to providing professional development to support every school’s instructional goals.

In addition to the quarterly webinars and the teacher training modules in our online professional development library that are available as part of our affordable school packages, CommonLit also hosts a series of monthly webinars. These valuable sessions showcase best-practices in literacy instruction as well as introductory “how-to” information on using CommonLit 360 most efficiently. Effective teaching really does come from effective training, and CommonLit is here to support both in a variety of ways.

So instead of spending time creating training materials for teachers or surfing the web looking for something that may not be the best fit, reach out to CommonLit today to learn more about our options. We’d love to show you how the comprehensive CommonLit 360 curriculum combined with high-quality and highly-focused Professional Development offerings can help your school reach new educational heights for the upcoming school year.

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To see how easy it is to bring focused and effective professional development to your school and staff, reach out to CommonLit today to connect with us learn more about our affordable school packages.