CommonLit Archive New and Improved Assignment Reports

Welcome Back Series: Part II

By now, you may have already read about updates to our class roster systems on CommonLit. If not, check out that post here. We’re excited to keep the momentum going with even MORE updates to make your school year the best one yet!

This post will introduce you to exciting new developments we’ve made to Assignment Reports and Student Progress pages.

Assignment Report Updates

The Assignments page has new features to make it easier to use:

  • Student Submission Timestamp
    The new submission timestamp makes it easy to tell when students submitted their assignments (and when they’ve submitted them late).
  • Unsubmit Assignment
    You can give students a second chance to redo their work by “unsubmitting” their assignments. This is a great opportunity to let specific students implement the feedback you had previously given them.
  • Easy Data Sorting
    Now you can sort student data by first name, last name, and score.

Download and Print Data

Easily download and print data from all of the following pages by clicking the “Print Report” button or the “Download CSV” button:

  • All Classes Progress
  • Single Class Progress
  • Assignment Reports
  • Assessment Questions Data

Question-level data is also available for download to a CSV file where you can then analyze, manipulate, or print it from Excel.

We hope these updates will be useful to you this year! We love to hear how these tools are helping your instruction. Please leave a comment below to share how CommonLit helps you use data-driven instruction!

Keep an eye out for exciting new texts in our third Welcome Back post from the content team, coming soon.