Get excited: CommonLit's new full-year OER curriculum is almost here!

CommonLit will release a full-year curriculum for grades 6-10 English Language Arts. The curriculum will be available for the 2021-2022 academic year. It will fill a need for materials that are:

  • Comprehensive: Reading, writing, speaking and listening, grammar, and vocabulary;
  • Scaffolded: Standards-aligned but with supportive questioning for struggling readers;
  • Easy to use: Ready-made, editable teacher and student handouts included;
  • Digital/Print: All lessons have a print/digital option for a blended instructional approach;
  • Highly Effective: Research-backed, with strong pilot results in a diverse set of schools;
  • FREE Forever: The most up-to-date version of CommonLit’s Full-Year Curriculum will be freely available at

Sneak Peek

  • 5 units per grade
  • Rich texts and engaging topics
    • What does science fiction teach us about human nature?
    • How do brands influence our thinking and behavior?
    • How are characters changed through their relationships?
  • Cross-curricular connections to STEM and social studies
  • Explicit writing focus: informational, argumentative, narrative
  • Pathways for struggling students
  • Emphasis on research-based pedagogical routines
  • Culturally-responsive texts featuring diverse authors and protagonists
  • Focus on student voice, discussion, collaboration, and problem solving

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CommonLit's Curriculum: The Foundation of a Complete Literacy Model

Curriculum is the foundation of a strong academic program. CommonLit’s new Full-Year Curriculum is connected to a complete literacy program that includes:

  • High-quality, aligned assessments
    • Formative Assessments
    • Unit Assessments
    • Benchmark Assessments
  • Actionable data reports
  • On-demand teacher professional learning
CommonLit Literacy Model. 1. Free, Full-Year OER Curriculum. 2. Aligned Assessments. 3. Formative Data tracking. 4. Teacher Development

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