CommonLit 360

English Language Arts Curriculum

Roll out CommonLit 360, a full ELA curriculum for grades 6-12, and get 360-focused training, formative skills assessments, and priority support for your team.

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All About CommonLit 360


Full ELA curriculum

Standards-aligned units for grades 6-12 that include reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar lessons.

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A screenshot of the CommonLit 360 Curriculum with featured units for 6th Grade students.

Engaging Units

Hook students with gripping texts, exciting projects, and thought-provoking essays where they make real-world connections.

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A screenshot of an example unit ("Unit 1: Characters Who Change and Grow") that contains an about this unit section

Supportive of all learners

Personalize instruction with guided comprehension questions, text-to-speech, translation, and digital annotation tools.

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A screenshot of a writing lesson called "Breaking Down a Prompt," that demonstrates the translate, read aloud, and annotate features. The screenshot also includes a question for students to answer.

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360 Unit Skills Assessments

Track student progress with skills assessments for each unit in your ELA curriculum.

A screenshot of an Assessment Report for an example unit. Included in the screenshot is a table of Standards Performance.

On-demand and live professional development

Provide your team with the training they need to ensure success with CommonLit's ELA curriculum.

A screenshot of a CommonLit presentation that provides support for getting started with 6th Grade Unit 1.

Comprehensive and personalized support

Work with the CommonLit team to roll-out Canvas, ClassLink, Clever, or Google Classroom and save teachers’ time.

A screenshot of a powerpoint slide containing a bulleted list of which items will be covered in this live support meeting.

Affordable plans for schools and districts

Learn more about how you can use federal funding to pay for CommonLit.

CommonLit School Essentials PRO Plus


per school

Multi-year discounts available
  • CommonLit Digital Library
  • CommonLit 360 Curriculum
  • Introductory webinars
  • Priority customer support
  • ClassLink and Clever rostering integrations
  • On-demand professional development
  • CommonLit Assessment Series
  • Canvas integration
  • Administrator Data
  • Quarterly Virtual PD & 360 Consulting
  • 360 Unit Skills Assessments

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See why millions of teachers love CommonLit

CommonLit 360 is a great program that allows for flexibility within your curriculum. You can align your classroom units to CommonLit 360 as well as use it to scaffold instruction.
Barbara Gonzalez 6th Grade ELA Teacher
CommonLit 360 allowed me more time to focus on struggling students, because I didn't have to do the lesson plans. CommonLit 360 also allowed me more interaction with my students.
Kimberly Martinez 6th Grade Teacher
I've never been more elated and relieved to see such widespread diversity in the cultural perspectives of the authors centered in CommonLit 360 units across all grade levels.
Jennifer Lane ELA Teacher

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