NB Grad Builds Website Aiming to Better Literacy

Herald Zeitung December 22, 2014
After teaching seventh-grade reading at one of the nation’s lowest-performing schools, then teaching the same subject at one of the nation’s highest-performing schools, former New Braunfelser and New Braunfels High School graduate Michelle Brown felt that something had to be done. So, she developed a website called CommonLit with the goal of improving literacy in the country.

Make Literacy a Focus of PBL

Edutopia November 21, 2014
CommonLit offers teachers a free collection of articles of articles, short stories, poems, and historical documents, organized into cross-cutting themes such as "Justice, Freedom, and Equality." Intended for middle-school readers, materials are sorted into three reading levels. That means all students can engage with texts and contribute to discussions and other project activities. Stephanie Cardella (@cardella112) applauded the site's focus on "big ideas in text".

The Best Places to Get the ‘Same’ Text Written for Different ‘Levels’

Larry Ferlazzo November 16, 2014
I learned about CommonLit from the amazing educator Suzie Boss at her recent Edutopia post. It’s a neat site that doesn’t actually provide the “same” text written for different “levels.” What it does do, however, is provide leveled readings – with prompts — on the same theme. It’s pretty neat.

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