by Olaudah Equiano


Welcome to the parent guide for this text! Read below to find out about what your child is reading in class and how you can support him/her at home.

This week in class, we’re reading "Olaudah Equiano Recalls the Middle Passage" by Olaudah Equiano.

Olaudah Equiano (1745-1797), known by people as Gustavus Vassa, was a freed slave turned prominent African man in London. Equiano became an abolitionist and began to record his life story after being freed. This text is an excerpt from Equiano’s autobiography, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, in which Equiano tells the tale of his brutal voyage across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.

As we read, we will be discussing the theme of Prejudice & Discrimination as it relates to the text. We are trying to answer this big question :

"How does prejudice emerge?"

Ways to support your child: