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by T.S. Eliot


Welcome to the parent guide for this text! Read below to find out about what your child is reading in class and how you can support him/her at home.

This week in class, we’re reading "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T.S. Eliot.

“Prufrock” was written by Eliot in the years leading up to WWI and was published in 1914 during what is referred to as the period of modernism. The poem is a dramatic interior monologue of an urban man, stricken with feelings of isolation and an incapability for action. Prufrock laments his physical and intellectual inertia, the lost opportunities in his life and lack of spiritual progress, of weariness, regret, embarrassment, longing, emasculation, a sense of decay, and an awareness of mortality.

As we read, we will be discussing the themes of Loneliness & Isolation and Love as they relate to the text. We are trying to answer these big questions :

"How are we changed by love?" and "What does it mean to feel alone?"

Ways to support your child: