by Gwendolyn Brooks 1960

Welcome to the parent guide for this text! Read below to find out about what your child is reading in class and how you can support him/her at home.

This week in class, we’re reading "We Real Cool" by Gwendolyn Brooks.

In Gwendolyn Brooks's poem "We Real Cool," she describes a group of young men she once noticed at a pool hall, portraying them as not caring about responsibilities.

As we read, we will be discussing the themes of Comedy & Tragedy and Identity as they relate to the text. We are trying to answer these big questions :

"What can we learn from tragedy?" and "What makes you who you are?"

Ways to support your child:

  • Ask your child about this poem at home:
    • What was "We Real Cool" about?
    • What did you learn about Comedy & Tragedy?
    • What did you learn about Identity?
  • Watch Gwendolyn Brooks Reads We Real Cool at home with your child.