CommonLit Archive 10 Exciting Improvements to CommonLit in 2020

2020 has been a year filled with unprecedented and profound challenges. At CommonLit, we have responded by working tirelessly to provide teachers with the high-quality resources and technology tools they need to effectively continue teaching their students.

Here are just a few of the most exciting changes we’ve made to CommonLit for the upcoming school year:

New Features

  • Assessment Options: Teachers can now choose which types of questions to assign to students on any CommonLit passage. Teachers can choose to assign all assessment questions, only multiple choice, only short answer, only Guided Reading Mode, or only annotations.
  • Pre-Assessment: For SY 20–21, CommonLit has re-released and expanded upon its Pre-Assessment feature. This diagnostic assessment is available through the fall for all teachers of students in grades 3–12.
  • Co-Teacher: Teachers can now invite co-teachers to join their class rosters. Co-teachers can create and give feedback on assignments, as well as modify lessons for individual students.
  • Redesigned Library with Improved Search/Filter Tools: You can now search all content types in our library! Search results now combine texts, themes, units, text sets, and book pairings in a sleeker and smarter display.
  • Customizable Annotation Task: Teachers can now customize instructions for students on an assignment using our editable Annotation Task.
  • Teacher Feedback on Student Annotations: We kicked off the school year with the launch of our new Annotations Tool. Now, teachers can leave feedback for students directly on their annotations.
  • Assignment Start Date: Teachers can plan in advance by setting Start Dates for future assignments. Students cannot see or access assignments before a Start Date.

Support for Distance Learning

  • Distance Learning Units: To support teachers and schools with the sudden challenge of distance learning, CommonLit launched 12 new distance-learning units for grades 3–12.
  • Parent Accounts: To facilitate home learning during school closures, CommonLit added a special sign-up process for parents.
  • Weekly Webinars for Educators, Administrators, and Parents: Our team led dozens of free webinars to support the transition to Distance Learning. In two months, we trained over 6,500 educators. To sign up for an upcoming webinar, click here.

We’re excited to continue adding rigorous, engaging content and tools for students and teachers. If you have suggestions for features and content you’d like to see us add to the site, comment below, or drop us a line at