CommonLit CommonLit 360 Announcing CommonLit 360 Edition 2.0

In the middle of 2021, CommonLit published six CommonLit 360 (Edition 1.0 COVID-19 Emergency Release Version) units for grades 6-10. These units made remote learning easier for many teachers. We are grateful to our supporters who made this urgent work possible in a time when so many teachers needed a flexible digital English Language Arts curriculum.

As one middle school teacher put it, CommonLit 360 for Middle School “was a singularly solid anchor that steadied us – teachers and students alike – as we navigated other unknown variables in the time of the novel coronavirus…Our students had a nearly seamless transition into remote learning when all schools were shut down due to Covid in the spring. I will forever be grateful for the strong digital foundations CommonLit helped me lay down with my students throughout the fall and winter, which translated into consistent confidence, considerable independence, as well as continued rigor and engagement through those hectic final months of distance learning.”

During the past school year, as many schools transitioned back into the classroom full time, we collected feedback from classroom teachers to understand how we could better meet the growing remediation needs of students moving out of the pandemic while also supporting full standards coverage and best instructional practices across the year. Today, we are pleased to announce that we will be implementing this feedback in the new edition of CommonLit 360 to be released in July of 2023!

Our new Edition 2.0 will include:

Materials and tools to support strong alignment and best practices:

  • New and updated units
  • Additional texts to enhance breadth and depth of reading
  • Enhanced pacing and standards alignment guidance
  • Close reading protocols
  • Improved teacher onboarding/internalization materials

Tools to support usability for in-person learning and school-wide rollout:

  • New tools and guidance for remediation and differentiation
  • Innovative technology features to support student writing and scoring
  • Expanded support for integrations with common LMSs

Options for formative and summative assessment:

  • Unit Tests to support strong instructional decision-making (available for purchase)

As always, we will keep you updated throughout the 2022-2023 school year, including resources and webinar opportunities to learn more about how schools can plan for the transition to Ed 2.0. If you have any immediate questions, email