CommonLit CommonLit 360 Schools & Districts Top 5 Reasons Administrators Love CommonLit 360

Teachers have a lot on their plates. They have to balance planning, grading, supporting students, and more. As administrators, we know you want to give them the support they need to ensure student success. You have a lot on your plate, too! That’s why CommonLit 360 is here to help accelerate student success with our full ELA curriculum. Here are the top four reasons administrators just like you love CommonLit 360.

Reason #1: CommonLit 360 meets students where they are and engages them with rigorous content.

Each unit within CommonLit 360 is centered on an engaging theme and meaningful Essential Question. Each unit also features diverse, grade-level texts from a range of authors and genres, sure to provide appropriate rigor for all students. We know all students cannot easily access grade-level materials yet while some students read well above their peers, so we also provide supplemental texts at various Lexile levels for each unit to support emerging readers and students who need more challenges to stretch their skills. There are also tons of scaffolds to assist students on their way towards mastery, like Read Aloud, translation, in-text comprehension questions, and digital annotations. Whether it is a reading lesson, writing lesson, discussion lesson, or a vocabulary lesson, CommonLit 360 helps students engage in meaningful and rigorous content.

CommonLit 360 is both vertically and horizontally aligned. Over the course of the year, students cover all grade level standards while engaging with increasingly complex content and skills. Each unit features an engaging theme and culminates in a rigorous and authentic end-of-unit Culminating Task.

Students also enjoy our lessons as they feature tons of opportunities for real-life application, collaboration, and discussion of engaging and relevant topics For example, in our research units, students tackle contemporary issues such as the impact of social media, branding, and our world’s changing oceans, and this research culminates in detailed presentations, written arguments, debates and more.

Quote from Cristina H, a Special Education Teacher from NY.

Reason #2: CommonLit 360 maximizes teachers’ time.

Every high-quality lesson in CommonLit 360 comes with skills-focused text-dependent questions to provide ample opportunities for students to practice. The cherry on top? Lessons feature comprehensive and customizable resources that provide teachers everything they need to hit the ground running. Word walls, worksheets, and teacher guides are all included. Instead of spending time creating or purchasing resources, teachers can focus on meeting their students’ needs.

All of these resources and our comprehensive scope and sequence help teachers spend their time internalizing and collaborating on how to best serve students. Don’t take our word for it, though – check out these testimonials from teachers who have been leveraging CommonLit 360 to improve student outcomes in their own classrooms.

Reason #3: CommonLit 360 is supportive for new teachers and experienced teachers alike.

CommonLit 360 has everything you need to support your newest teachers in planning strong instruction during their first days in the classroom; however, there are also opportunities for experienced teachers to add their own flair.

We offer pacing support for unit planning, providing suggestions around which lessons are most essential to student outcomes. With a CommonLit partnership, you’ll unlock bite-sized professional development modules that guide teachers to internalize expected outcomes and make the unit their own. All of our lessons come with supportive teacher copies to help teachers hold students accountable for deep learning and analysis. We even include editable slide decks to aid both experienced and new teachers in tailoring materials specifically for their classes. Our wide range of supplemental texts within each unit also provides space for additional individualization and differentiation. The real-world themes in each 360 unit allow teachers to tie their instruction to contemporary events.

Need to help teachers collect thorough and actionable data? Our 360 Unit Skills Assessments and benchmark Assessment Series provide instant and comprehensive data to keep a pulse on student achievement and growth. Administrators can even access this data through our Admin Data Dashboard to identify high-level trends and support teachers in driving powerful instruction.

Reason #4: CommonLit 360 works in hundreds of districts across the country.

CommonLit 360 is already accelerating learning in hundreds of schools and districts across the country. Partnering with CommonLit gives teachers and administrators the support they need to roll out CommonLit’s comprehensive literacy program effectively. The two studies below highlight the impact of CommonLit 360 on student learning.

Full implementation of CommonLit 360 in Blount County, Tennessee

Schools in Blount County, Tennessee, fully adopted CommonLit 360 as their ELA curriculum, and it led to enormous reading gains for students. When it came time for the end of year state assessment, results showed more students were reading on grade level and fewer students were reading below grade level. To top it off, teachers saw significant growth for historically underserved student populations, creating even more equitable outcomes to celebrate across the district.

CommonLit 360 Usage in Lakewood Middle School, Lakewood NJ

Lakewood Middle School, located in Lakewood Township, New Jersey, began implementing CommonLit 360, a full-year standards-based ELA curriculum, during the 22-23 school year. On the end-of-year state ELA assessment (NJSLA), the number of Lakewood Middle School students who met or exceeded expectations was 10.5 percentage points higher in SY 22-23 than in SY 21-22. Importantly, the more CommonLit 360 lessons students experienced, the better they tended to perform on the NJSLA. 

Reason #5: CommonLit 360 earned an all-green review from EdReports for its middle school curriculum.

EdReports is a nonprofit organization that independently reviews instructional materials for K-12 education. In the spring of 2024, CommonLit earned an all-green review for its middle school curriculum. An all-green score represents the highest rating through EdReports’ review process, indicating that our curriculum meets expectations of each gateway. These gateways include:

  • Text Quality and Complexity, and Alignment to Standards with Tasks Grounded in Evidence
  • Building Knowledge with Texts, Vocabulary, and Tasks
  • Instructional Supports and Usability
EdReports' score visualization on all three gateways of assessment. CommonLit 360 for grades 6-8 meets expectations for all three gateways of EdReports' review.

Over the last few years, plenty of research has been conducted that shows that the implementation of High Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) is highly correlated with student achievement. In response to this research, many states across the country utilize EdReports and similar tools to help schools and districts identify instructional materials that are most likely to accelerate student learning. 

The EdReports review of CommonLit 360 highlighted critical aspects of CommonLit’s curriculum. EdReports shared,

Anchor texts are of high quality, are engaging, and are worthy of multiple reads. The unit texts tie closely to essential questions over the course of the year.
Materials require students to analyze the key ideas, details, craft, and structure within individual texts and across multiple texts, using coherently sequenced, high-quality questions and tasks.

School Essentials PRO Plus provides wrap-around supports for teachers and students to thrive.

We recommend the CommonLit School Essentials PRO Plus package to schools and districts utilizing CommonLit 360 to ensure success in rolling out the curriculum.

School Essentials PRO Plus costs just $6,500 per school per year and includes access to:

Custom virtual professional development and on-demand modules

School Essentials PRO Plus includes tailored virtual professional development about CommonLit 360 over the course of the year, led by our instructional experts. These live, quarterly trainings are customized to fit individual school and district needs.  Additionally, this package provides schools with access to our on-demand Professional Development Portal to give bite-sized trainings to teachers at just the right time.

Unit Skills Assessments and benchmark assessments

School Essentials PRO Plus also unlocks our formative Unit Skills Assessments and our benchmark Assessment Series. With two Unit Skills Assessments in every unit aligned to each unit’s focus skills and topics, it’s easier than ever for teachers to collect formative data to effectively plan targeted instruction. The Assessment Series includes a Pre-, Mid-Year, and Post-Assessment with grade level reading passages to provide immediate and actionable benchmark data of where students are compared to end of year goals.

School- and district-wide data tracking

Administrators also receive access to school- and district-wide data reports to make progress monitoring easy. You’ll see usage, performance, and growth data for all students. These dashboards are easy to filter by lesson, standard, class, and more. These reports are invaluable for identifying trends across schools and districts and setting instructional priorities with your team.

Seamless onboarding and consultative support

Throughout the school year, you’ll be partnered with a CommonLit Account Manager who is an expert on the 360 curriculum. They’ll be on hand to help craft an instructional plan, answer technical questions, and provide consultative support throughout your partnership.

Rostering and LMS integrations, including Canvas, Clever, ClassLink, and Google Classroom

Our instructional specialists work with your team to choose the best rostering solution for your teachers and students. CommonLit’s Canvas integration is a powerful time-saver that teachers love!

Bring CommonLit 360 to Your School or District

Gain access to school- and district-wide data reports, benchmark assessments, personalized professional development, and more with School Essentials PRO Plus. Save thousands with CommonLit.

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