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NEW UNITS: CommonLit has recently released three new units for middle school. These units include a mix of literary and informational texts and help students identify the thematic connections between them.

6th Grade: “Failure & Success” includes high-interest short stories featuring characters to had to try over and over again in order to succeed.

7th Grade: “Adolescence” includes very funny, poignant short stories about first loves and awkwardness.

8th Grade: “Courageous Choices” includes incredible stories of characters who took a personal risk to do the right thing.

RESEARCH UNITS COMING SOON: Starting in early November, CommonLit will begin releasing research units for grades 6–10!

Research skills are critical for success in college and career, but planning a research unit takes time. Our research units include primary and secondary source documents, charts and graphs, and video artifacts. The topics are engaging and cross-disciplinary:

Grade 6: Our Changing Oceans

Grade 7: The Effects of Social Media

Grade 8: Football, CTE, and How to Make Football Safer

Grade 9: Branding & Advertising — A Case Study of 3 Major American Brands

Grade 10: The American Textile Industry & The Lowell Mill (U.S. History connections!)

Each unit also includes direct instruction on how to write an effective research paper. Students will learn how to take effective notes, synthesize ideas across their research, draft a research paper, and revise and edit their writing.

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