CommonLit Archive CommonLit's Curriculum Newsletter: September 17, 2019

Welcome back! This newsletter is the best way for teachers piloting CommonLit’s new curriculum to stay in the loop on recently released units, updates about new features on the digital platform, tips for getting the most out of CommonLit’s curriculum.

Key Updates

NEW UNITS: CommonLit just released two new units for middle school. These units include a mix of literary and informational texts. Throughout these units, students focus on analyzing how the author develops the themes of the story. Access the units on by by clicking the links below:

7th Grade: “Adolescence” is an extremely high-interest unit with relatable and funny stories about popularity, first loves, and teen angst. The unit kicks off with an engaging Partner Exploration.

8th Grade: “Courageous Choices” is a phenomenal unit with inspiring and diverse stories about people who stand up for what’s right — even at great personal risk.

WHEN WILL NEW UNITS BE READY?: In early October, we’ll be releasing a new unit for 6th grade. This unit, “Resilience, Failure, & Success” will include stories of characters who learn valuable lessons from failure.

END OF UNIT SURVEY: Have you finished teaching your first unit yet? If so, we’d love to hear from you! As soon as you fill out this survey we’ll send along a $5.00 Amazon gift card as a small token of our appreciation!

Best Practices

CommonLit’s curriculum includes four types of questions — “Think & Share,” “Turn & Talk,” “Find Evidence,” and “Write.” Each of these questions has a unique purpose. Check out this blog post to read tips for facilitating these different question types.

CommonLit Support

GET IN TOUCH: At CommonLit, we’re committed to ensuring that you have a successful experience with our new full-year curriculum. If you have any questions about the curriculum, please email Our team is on standby to help.

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