CommonLit Archive CommonLit's Curriculum Pilot Newsletter: August 29, 2019

Welcome back to school!

This newsletter is the best way for teachers piloting CommonLit’s new curriculum to stay in the loop on recently released units, updates about new features on the digital platform, tips for getting the most out of CommonLit’s curriculum.

Key Updates

NEW UNITS: CommonLit just released two new units, “People and Environment” for 9th grade and “Science Fiction & Social Commentary” for 10th grade.

These units can be accessed through your teacher account by going to

Both units are designed to help students build skills in thematic, cross-textual analysis. Students will read short stories and informational texts, analyzing how a theme is developed. Throughout the unit, students will work on writing an extended essay that analyzes how a theme is developed across two texts.

WHEN WILL NEW UNITS BE READY?: The next middle school units for grades 6–8 will also focus on the development of a theme across multiple texts. The 7th and 8th grade units will be released in mid-September. The unit for 6th grade will be released in early October. Still wondering what’s being released and when? Check out release schedule for our middle school and high school units.

Sneak peek: The next 7th grade unit features high-interest texts that have to do with adolescence and the awkwardness everyone experiences in their early teens. The next 8th grade unit “Courageous Choices” is about the personal risks people take when they stand up for what’s right. We loved building these units and hope your students love them as much as we do!

Watch How Lessons Fit Together

Each unit in CommonLit’s curriculum includes a unit overview video that explains how one lesson seamlessly leads to the next. Take 5 minutes to check out the video for your unit and learn how you can help students make connections from text to text.

Feel free to check out the unit overview video for this 9th grade unit:

CommonLit on the Road

It’s been a lot of fun getting the chance to work with many different schools and districts around the county this past month. Below are just a couple of photos from our latest workshops!

Blount County, Tennessee
Burke County, North Carolina
Leon County, Florida

Help Getting Started

Get in Touch: At CommonLit, we’re committed to ensuring that you have a successful experience with our new full-year curriculum. If you have any questions about the curriculum, please email Our team is on standby to help.

Access Live Chat Support: If you have specific questions about how to access our resources on, click on the chat button at the bottom of the page. You’ll be connected to our team right away for live support.


Earlier this week, our team identified an error within the Exit Ticket for “All Summer in a Day,” which appears in the 9th grade unit, “Following the Crowd.” Answer choice D for Question 3 of the Exit Ticket should read “They feel guilty for making Margot miss the sun.”

This has been made on the CommonLit platform.