CommonLit Archive Digital Instruction with CommonLit Webinar for NYC Educators

This blog post features a recording of a webinar, helpful how-to videos, FAQ articles, blog posts, and more to help you make the most of

Thank you for registering for CommonLit’s Digital Instruction webinar for NYC Educators.

In this webinar, our team introduces you to CommonLit and the many features we have to support remote learning — including our Professional Development Portal.

You will learn how to create an account, navigate our library of lessons, create a class, add students and co-teachers to your class, assign a lesson digitally, grade a lesson, and analyze data. You will also see CommonLit from a student’s perspective and learn how to use our various digital tools!

Digital Instruction Webinar for NYC Educators Recording:

Our team has created this resource bank filled with FAQ articles, blog posts, and videos to help you make the most of All of the most important links we shared during the webinar are featured in this post!

Getting Started With CommonLit as a Teacher

Getting Started With CommonLit as a Family

CommonLit Digital Class Set-Up and Assignments

CommonLit’s Free Reading Program: Our library and digital tools

Grading and Viewing Student Data on CommonLit

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To stay up to date on all of our new features, gain insight on all of our tools, and see videos about our digital program visit the following pages:

Not seeing what you are looking for? Please visit our FAQ Page and see if we have a support article for you. If not, please feel free to email (teachers) or! We are here for you.