CommonLit Schools & Districts Exciting Opportunity: Join CommonLit’s New Research Study

Get access to CommonLit PRO Plus free for your district

We’re launching an exciting research study of CommonLit’s 360 Curriculum in SY24-25, and we want your district to be a part of it! This year, CommonLit will select 100 schools to participate in the study and provide FREE access to CommonLit PRO Plus for participating schools implementing the 360 Curriculum.

In collaboration with researchers at Columbia University, CommonLit is recruiting schools in districts across the country to participate in a cutting-edge two-year study, supported by the U.S. Department of Education. The study will help schools empower teachers and support students’ literacy development, adding to the growing body of exciting research demonstrating CommonLit 360 to be a highly effective tool for improving reading comprehension. 

What is included in the opportunity?

Districts participating in the study will receive FREE access to the CommonLit 360 Curriculum and additional resources from our PRO Plus package, including our benchmark assessments, professional development, and other comprehensive services to support a school’s successful adoption and implementation of CommonLit 360. Our team will provide specialized onboarding and training to ensure school teams are well-prepared to implement the curriculum and full program and see the profound results that the program has been shown to deliver. Check out this case study in Blount County, TN showing year over year growth with CommonLit 360.

 What are the benefits of participating?

Participating schools in the district will receive our School Essentials PRO Plus package for FREE (a value of $6,500 per school per year for a total of $13,000 per school across the study period). This includes:

During the two-year study, CommonLit will also compensate teachers and school administrators for completing study activities through additional monetary incentives, gift cards, and/or stipends once approved by each district.

What is the study timeline?

The study launches in Fall 2024 and extends through the end of Spring 2026, a two-year period during which schools will be assigned to implement the CommonLit 360 curriculum, assessments, and professional development in either Fall 2024 or Fall 2025. 

What are the study requirements?

As part of the study, schools serving grades 6-8 in your district would be entered into a lottery whereby they are randomly assigned to begin implementing CommonLit 360 in Fall 2024 or Fall 2025. Our study team will work with each district to create a custom roll-out plan and address concerns related to the study. 

Ready to learn more?

This large-scale study is an enormous opportunity that will ultimately help improve literacy education for millions of underserved students across the country by helping CommonLit, researchers, and the U.S. Department of Education understand the drivers of accelerated academic improvement. 

We hope you will join us in making an impact! Click below to meet with our team and learn more.