CommonLit School & District Partners Four Ways CommonLit Supports Its Partners Throughout the Year

Learn how the CommonLit team ensures district success

CommonLit was founded as a non-profit organization in 2014 with the goal of improving literacy for students across the United States. Since 2014, CommonLit’s free digital library has grown to over 2,000 reading passages, including 450 passages in Spanish. Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen CommonLit become a go-to reading resource for teachers in over 70% of U.S. public schools.

As CommonLit has rapidly grown, we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with many districts around the country who are interested in using CommonLit in a deeper way across their schools. For these districts, we offer CommonLit Formative Insights and CommonLit Interim Assessments. CommonLit Formative Insights allows administrators to track formative data from all lessons completed on Meanwhile, CommonLit Interim assessments allows districts to track student progress on quarterly benchmark assessments that tightly align to many end-of-year assessments.

While there are many reading programs on the market, CommonLit is singular in its commitment to its teachers, students, and district partners. Below are a few of the compliments my team has received from our district partners:

  • Jayne VanNosdall from Brick Township New Jersey said that working with CommonLit’s School Partnerships team has “been delightful — your positivity, your can-do attitude. And my teachers say the same thing. They know that if they email you they are going to get a really quick and helpful response. It has been a really professional and pleasant experience.”
  • Terri Bradshaw from Blount County Tennessee said that the CommonLit team “has been amazing, really… The response time has been really fast for any technical questions or ideas about new features.”

In this blog post, I’ll highlight 4 of the ways that CommonLit’s School Partnerships team will work closely with your team throughout the school year to ensure a stress-free rollout and student success.

Rostering and Easy Access

Once CommonLit signs a contract with your team, we’ll make sure that we have a firm plan in place to support student and teacher rostering and login throughout the school year. CommonLit integrates fully with both Clever and Google Classroom to ensure that student rosters remain up-to-date and that both students and teachers can access our platform via Single Sign-On.

A student looking at a CommonLit text on the computer.

Professional Development and Literacy Consulting

In order to ensure that CommonLit’s reading program is implemented effectively, it’s vital that teachers are trained on the best practices for utilizing our resources.

Both CommonLit Formative Insights and CommonLit Interim Assessments include free virtual trainings at the beginning of the school year. These short trainings can be flexibly scheduled and help contribute to a strong beginning-of-year rollout.

Based on districts’ needs, CommonLit also offers in-person trainings. Our School Partnerships team will collaborate with your team to design a professional development package that supports your team’s instructional goals. Over the past few years, we’ve trained teachers in dozens of districts on how CommonLit can be leveraged to support effective differentiation, close reading, unit planning, and other key instructional best practices.

Data Consultations

Whether you purchase CommonLit Interim Assessments, CommonLit Formative Insights, or both programs, we’ll work with your team to highlight trends in your data. As a School Partnerships team, our goal is to not only provide data to our district partners, but to also help our district partners analyze and then use that data to take action.

If your team purchases CommonLit Formative Insights, we’ll lead a beginning of year training for administrators that focuses on best practices for analyzing your school or district’s formative data. We’ll give you the tools and tips for monitoring usage trends, standards mastery, and student performance.

A group of people sitting around a table and looking at student progress charts on a TV screen.

Then later in the year, CommonLit’s School Partnerships team will lead a mid-year data consultation. We’ll identify the schools and teachers that are having the most success with CommonLit’s reading program. We’ll also flag the schools or classrooms that may benefit from additional training.

If your team implements our Interim Assessments, we’ll provide detailed data reports as soon as students complete their assessments. These data reports will let you know how your students are performing by school, grade, class, student, and standard. If you’re interested in even more detailed data, our team can work with yours to provide additional information by subgroup.

Priority Chat Support & Account Management

CommonLit is committed to making sure that the rollout of Interim Assessments and Formative Insights is hassle free. Our team provides priority chat support through our website throughout the school day. Our support doesn’t end there though. We welcome you to email our tech support team or the School Partnerships team at any time.


At CommonLit, we believe that schools and districts deserve the best customer support when rolling out our reading program.

Click here to learn more about CommonLit’s District Solutions. To connect directly with me or another member of our School Partnerships Team, send an email to