CommonLit Schools & Districts CommonLit Integrates with Canvas

Learn about the benefits of this powerful LMS integration and how you can unlock it for your team.

At CommonLit, we’re committed to ensuring that our award-winning digital literacy program is as accessible and easy to use as possible. That is why we’re proud to offer a Canvas integration for schools.

In this blog post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about how the integration works and how your team can unlock it.

The Benefits of CommonLit’s Canvas Integration

Easy Rostering to Save Teachers' Time

With CommonLit’s Canvas integration, teachers can seamlessly set up their digital classes on CommonLit. When teachers log into CommonLit, they will be prompted to import their class rosters from Canvas.

The "Manage Classes" page on
With CommonLit’s Canvas integration, teachers can quickly and easily import their class rosters to CommonLit.

Completing Lessons in Canvas

Another way that CommonLit’s Canvas integration saves teachers time is by allowing teachers to directly post any CommonLit lesson to Canvas for their students.

Here’s how this works:

Teachers will go to CommonLit and choose the lesson or assessment that they want to assign to their students. Once they have created an assignment on CommonLit, they’ll have the option to link the assignment to Canvas.

A page on CommonLit with the heading "Select an Assignment," the CommonLit lesson "Fish Cheeks," and a button that says "Add to Canvas."
Teachers can post any lesson from CommonLit to their Canvas classes.

From there, students will be able to complete their CommonLit assignment directly from their Canvas account. Students will still be able to use all of CommonLit’s great interactive features, such as our Read Aloud and Translation tools, directly in Canvas!

The CommonLit lesson "Fish Cheeks" assigned in Canvas.
Students can complete any lesson on CommonLit directly from Canvas!

Posting CommonLit Scores on Canvas

Finally, with CommonLit’s Canvas integration, teachers have the option to send grades from CommonLit to their Canvas grade book. Teachers will also have the ability to customize the weight of an assignment and can choose the number of points that students earn for their CommonLit work!

A teacher's Canvas gradebook with the CommonLit lesson "Mother to Son" listed.
Teachers have the option to send CommonLit grades back to their Canvas grade book!

Bring CommonLit's Canvas Integration to Your School or District

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