CommonLit Target Lessons Target Lessons About Protecting Animals

Build students’ knowledge about animal conservation and help them practice key comprehension skills with CommonLit’s Target Lessons.

At CommonLit, we are always thinking about new ways to support students and teachers, which is why we are excited to present our Target Lessons about Protecting Animals!

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Target Lessons are easy-to-use, highly engaging lessons that teach students key comprehension skills. They include scaffolded Pre-Reading, During Reading, and Post-Reading activities to build students’ engagement and knowledge as they move through the lesson. Check out our primer on Target Lessons here:

Target Lessons are based on high-interest topics that are sure to get your students excited. In this blog post, we’ll look at Target Lessons about Protecting Animals. As students learn about animal conservation efforts, they will practice key comprehension skills, including identifying and analyzing Main Idea, Connecting Ideas, and Point of View.

Main Idea

A Bitingly Dangerous Job (5th Grade)

In this Target Lesson, students will read about venom milking, a dangerous job in which highly-trained professionals extract venom from snakes. As students read, they will identify the main idea of each section to build their understanding of why venom milking is important.

Screenshot of "Target" section of "A Bitingly Dangerous Job" lesson
Each Target Lesson clearly states “Today’s Target” so students know what skill they will focus on while they read.

Connecting Ideas

Taming Threats to the World’s Largest Cats (5th Grade)

In this eye-opening lesson, students will learn why some tigers are becoming extinct and what humans are doing to help protect them. They will answer questions during and after reading to help them understand the connection between human activity and tiger populations.

Project “500 Elephants” (4th Grade)

In this Target Lesson, students will learn why the conservation organization African Parks relocated 500 elephants to a new wildlife reserve. They will explore the factors that impact elephants’ safety and analyze how those factors are connected.

Destination Endangered Species (5th Grade)

This informational lesson will teach students about three animals that are in danger of going extinct around the world and the efforts to save them. As they read, students will analyze how human actions cause many of the challenges these animals face.

Screenshot of "Reading and Questions" section of "Destination Endangered Species" lesson
As students read, they will answer scaffolded comprehension questions to gain mastery of the target skill.

Moving Mountains (5th Grade)

In this empowering lesson, students will read about how young people who care deeply about the Earth have created meaningful change in their communities. Students will make connections between the issues that these teens saw in their communities and how they are working to solve them.

Point of View

What’s the Buzz About Bees? (5th Grade)

When we hear the word “bee,” we often think of bee stings, but did you know that bees are vital to growing the world’s food? In this target lesson, students will learn why bees are so important and analyze the author’s point of view by considering how she feels about their impact.

Grizzly Encounters with Bears (5th Grade)

Although they appear cute and cuddly, when bears and humans come into contact, big problems can occur. Students will learn about the issues that can arise when humans and bears interact and will analyze how the author feels about the conflict between bears and humans.

Screenshot of "Assessment" section in "Grizzly Encounters with Bears" lesson.
All Target Lessons include Assessment Questions so teachers get formative data about key comprehension skills.

Next Steps

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