CommonLit CommonLit 360 Unlock Training, Tech Integrations, and Priority Customer Support to Ensure Success with CommonLit

CommonLit's hassle-free onboarding process makes it easy for teachers to quickly begin using CommonLit’s full digital literacy program.

Adopting a new ed-tech program always feels like a lot of work. Once the complicated paperwork is completed, it is only the beginning of a long, bumpy journey navigating and implementing a new product. Teachers and administrators alike need to be onboarded so the product can actually be put into use.

At CommonLit, we make this process smooth and support your team throughout the journey. We want to make sure that your school or district gets to make the most of our resources, and we take several steps to ensure that this happens.

What does onboarding look like with CommonLit?

As soon as your school or district signs its contract with CommonLit, your team will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will work with your team throughout the school year. This is someone who both knows the program on an expert level and has had previous experience in the classroom. They will be able to support your team both on a technical and instructional level.

On our initial onboarding call, your account manager will learn more about your school or district’s unique needs so we can help you achieve your goals during the school year. Our account managers will strategize with you to make sure your teachers are familiar with specific resources and set up with all of the features you unlock through a partnership.

After the initial onboarding call, your account manager will continue to work with you and support you through email. Any questions or concerns you have can be asked directly to your account manager, who will get back to you within a 24 hour period. Additionally, teachers on your team will have access to our help desk that operates throughout the school day. Our help desk will direct your teachers to a live CommonLit expert who will help them in the moment.

Professional learning to start off the year strong

We want to make sure that your team is able to utilize our resources effectively. To make sure your team all starts off the school year on a high note, CommonLit’s team will host up to two engaging and informative webinar training sessions.

The first webinar is often a general introduction to CommonLit’s materials. For the second webinar, you can choose to go more in depth on one specific topic, such as our 360 Curriculum, data, or Assessment Series (PRO and PRO Plus customers only). These webinars last 45-60 minutes, and are led by one of our many CommonLit experts.

On top of these webinars, your account manager will also be your guide through the school year. Their experience in the classroom and knowledge of the program can be leveraged to give your school tailored guidance and advice.

Integrations to save your team time

CommonLit has integrations with several common LMS platforms and rostering options to make it even easier for your team to use our platform. With either ClassLink or Clever, your teachers’ and students’ accounts will be automatically created on our platform, and they can sign into CommonLit with Single Sign-On.

A screenshot of our options for logging into the CommonLit platform.

Our Google Classroom integration has several features to highlight. Teachers can import classes and students to CommonLit, set up Google Single Sign-On for students, post assignments to their Google stream as classwork, track completion of CommonLit assignments in Google Classroom, and use grade passback from CommonLit to Google Classroom.

Our Canvas integration is exclusive to our PRO and PRO Plus packages. This integration’s features includes easy rostering, the ability for students to complete assignments within Canvas directly, and grade passback from CommonLit to Canvas.

With CommonLit, you will be continually supported in your use of our program. Throughout the year, your account manager will check in with your team to make sure that everything is going well. You can feel confident that in a partnership with CommonLit, your team will be taught everything they need to know to use our program to its full potential.

Bring CommonLit to Your School or District

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If you have questions about how to best roll out CommonLit in your school or district, schedule a quick call. We are eager to support your team!