CommonLit CommonLit 360 Schools & Districts Announcing: CommonLit 360 for Middle School Earns All-Green EdReports Rating

We’re proud to announce that CommonLit 360 for grades 6-8 has received a top rating from EdReports, with all-green scores in every gateway. A green score represents the highest possible rating through EdReports’ review process, indicating that our curriculum meets expectations of each gateway. These gateways include:

  • Text Quality and Complexity, and Alignment to Standards with Tasks Grounded in Evidence
  • Building Knowledge with Texts, Vocabulary, and Tasks
  • Instructional Supports and Usability

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CommonLit 360 6-8 meets expectations on all gateways of EdReports rating.

EdReports is a nonprofit organization that independently reviews instructional materials for K-12 education. With the mission of supporting educators in identifying high quality instructional materials, the EdReports content review team is made up of expert teachers and educational leaders at the district and state level.

The review of CommonLit 360 for grades 6-8 states:

Anchor texts are of high quality, are engaging, and are worthy of multiple reads. The unit texts tie closely to essential questions over the course of the year.
Materials require students to analyze the key ideas, details, craft, and structure within individual texts and across multiple texts, using coherently sequenced, high-quality questions and tasks.

"In today's world, it's not enough for students to be skilled readers—they also need to be savvy consumers and producers of multimedia content,” shared Anna Hodges, Chief Academic Officer at CommonLit. “Our curriculum is designed with this reality in mind, incorporating regular opportunities for students to analyze and create multimedia texts, in collaboration with their peers. The Related Media Explorations praised by EdReports are just one example of how we're equipping students with the critical thinking, social skills, and digital communication skills they need for success in a media-rich world. It's a forward-thinking approach that sets our curriculum apart."

Michelle Brown, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CommonLit, shared, 

CommonLit began with the vision that every child deserves access to quality instruction, and also the understanding that quality instruction doesn’t just happen by accident. Teachers make the magic happen. And materials help to enable teachers to focus on what matters so that magic can be unleashed. As a former teacher, I experienced this firsthand when I went from a school where teachers had to create every lesson from scratch to a school that had a proven curriculum. At the school level, a quality curriculum represents critical infrastructure for learning — allowing school teams to collaborate around a coherent vision for academics. For our nonprofit, EdReports’ all green review is an exciting validation of our team's hard work. We're so excited to continue scaling up our ability to bring our research-backed program to thousands of schools across the United States at an affordable price.

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