CommonLit Schools & Districts Spark Reading Growth with CommonLit School Essentials PRO

Unlock school and district-wide access to professional development, benchmark assessments, data tracking tools, and onboarding support to ensure success with CommonLit’s digital literacy program!

CommonLit is an online digital literacy program that provides schools with a free ELA curriculum and over 3,000 supplemental lessons.

For schools and districts looking to turbocharge their usage of CommonLit’s literacy program, our affordable School Essentials PRO package is the perfect fit.

Our paid package provides schools with benchmark assessments, professional development, administrator data tracking tools, and integrations with popular learning management systems like Canvas and Clever.

CommonLit School Essentials PRO

CommonLit Assessment Series

With CommonLit’s Assessment Series, teachers in grades 3–12 gain access to 3 specialized benchmark assessments — a Pre-, Mid-Year, and Post-Assessment. The Pre-Assessment allows teachers to collect diagnostic reading data at the start of the year. The Mid-Year Assessment tracks student progress during the year and pinpoints areas where students are struggling. Finally, the Post-Assessment gives teachers and administrators a comprehensive understanding of students’ growth throughout the year.

Table showing data for overall performance by students on assessments.

Formative Data Tracking for Administrators

With access to CommonLit’s school and district-wide data reports, administrators are able to closely monitor student usage and reading comprehension achievement on CommonLit.

A video showing different elements of the Administrator Data Portal.
CommonLit’s Admin Data Dashboard is easy-to-use and is full of actionable data.

CommonLit’s data dashboards make it easy for administrators to monitor how students are performing on all reading comprehension lessons and assessments.

Each formative reading passage in the CommonLit library includes approximately 5–8 standards-aligned text-dependent questions. With this program, administrators are able to view school-wide student performance on any CommonLit lesson or benchmark assessment they complete. With access to CommonLit’s formative data tracking tools, teachers and administrators can closely monitor trends, set goals for students, and adjust ELA instruction to better meet the needs of all learners.

CommonLit's Canvas Integration

CommonLit’s Canvas integration is a powerful time-saver that teachers will love! This LMS integration includes 3 key benefits:

  • Teachers can seamlessly import their classes from Canvas to CommonLit.
  • Students can complete assigned reading comprehension lessons directly from their Canvas account.
  • Teachers can send student grades from CommonLit assignments back to their Canvas grade book.

With Clever, ClassLink, or Google Classroom, roster management is made easy. We will work with your team to choose the best rostering solution for your teachers and students. Students can quickly log in to CommonLit via Single Sign-On and teachers can focus on ELA instruction (instead of resetting student passwords).

Dedicated Account Manager

During the school year, your team will also have access to a dedicated account manager from CommonLit’s District Success team. This account manager will be on hand to provide consultative support to instructional leaders and teachers will receive an answer to all technical questions within one business day.

CommonLit Account Managers are instructional experts who will help your team make the best use of CommonLit.

CommonLit Professional Development Portal

This on-demand training library includes over 60 trainings that focus on best practices for using CommonLit’s full digital literacy program. Each module can be completed independently or facilitated by an instructional leader. Trainings focus on a range of topics including best practices for lesson planning, data-driven instruction, and parent communication.

The PD Portal also includes dozens of trainings that support the effective use of CommonLit’s comprehensive ELA curriculum, CommonLit 360. Trainings focus on high-leverage instructional best practices and specific strategies for each 360 Unit.

An overview of planning and pacing CommonLit 360 over the course of a year, with a chart showing the unit topics for grades 6-10.
This slide is a part of a CommonLit PD Portal training that helps teachers unlock CommonLit 360 units. This training is just one of 60+ trainings your team will unlock access to.

Live Webinar Training

CommonLit’s instructional team will also lead up to two live webinars for your team throughout the school year. Many schools choose to start the year with an introductory webinar that helps teachers master the basics of browsing CommonLit’s digital library, customizing lessons, and tracking student progress. As the year progresses, we’ll work with your team to identify additional needs. We’re excited to lead additional training on data-driven instruction, best practices for using CommonLit 360, or intervention strategies for struggling readers.

Bring CommonLit to Your School or District

Get School Essentials PRO for your school or district to unlock benchmark assessments to track student reading growth, professional development to train teachers, and engage students with high-quality lessons. Save thousands with CommonLit.

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