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My Favorite Things

by Joy Cowley


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Joy Cowley is a New Zealand author best known for her children’s fiction. In this story, a narrator describes their favorite things to their grandmother.

 As you read, take notes what types of things are special to the speaker.
"My Favorite Things" by Len Ebert is used with permission.

I said to Grandma, “Do you want to hear about my favorite things?”

“Sure, honey,” she said. “Go ahead and tell me.”

“My favorite color is yellow because it's like the sun and dandelions in summer. Sometimes it smells like lemons and sometimes like warm puppies. It's a happy color, and it makes me hum inside.

“My favorite time of the day is early morning, when the sun isn't up yet, and the grass looks as though it's just had a bath, and the trees smell new. No one is around except the birds and squirrels and rabbits on our lawn and me in my pajamas. The rest of the day is pretty good, but early morning is best.

”My favorite day of the year is my birthday because it is my own day made especially for me, and everyone in the family knows it. Sometimes I have a party with friends and a birthday cake and presents. But what I like best about my birthday is that in just one day I get to be a whole year older. Isn't that amazing? Q1

“My favorite way of traveling is by train with Mom. I can look out the window at the world rushing past. I can walk up and down, pretending I'm the ticket person, or I can just sit with my head against Mom, and shut my eyes to hear the train talk to me. Clickety-clack. Clickety-clack. I guess my second best way of traveling is on the back of Uncle Jack's horse.

“My favorite thing in my bedroom is the patchwork quilt that you made, Grandma. Sometimes it's a country with hills and valleys and farms. Sometimes it's a tent in a desert. Sometimes it's a rabbit's burrow, where the rabbits go to hide from fierce wild animals. It's always a snuggly quilt, and when I pull it around my ears, I feel safe and warm.Q2

“My favorite clothing is my jacket. It's yellow and red, and it's warm. It has six pockets, two on the inside and four on the outside. In the outside pockets I put crayons and money and notes from my teacher and my hands when they're cold. The inside pockets hold my treasures-the pink shell, the fossil[1] stone, the acorn with a face painted on it. When my jacket gets too small, I'll give it away. But I'll keep the treasures.

“My favorite animal is our dog because she is licky at the front and waggy at the back and kind to everyone, and because she follows me anyplace I go. When I sit on the couch to watch TV, she lies with her head on my lap. She doesn't look at the movie. She just watches me all the time with big loving eyes. She is absolutely my favorite animal, but I wouldn't mind having a horse, too.

”My favorite game is country-and-western singing with my friend Jillian. We dress up and stand on the bed with a pretend microphone and Dad's old guitar. We sing real songs, and when we run out of words, we make up our own. I'm showing Jillian how to whistle, and she can nearly get her mouth right. We're both learning how to yodel.[2] Oh-de.layee. Oh-de-layee. Oh-de-layee. Last week, Uncle Jack videotaped us. He says we are good enough for his TV. Q3 

“My favorite fruit is grapes. Sometimes I squeeze grapes, and the insides squish into my mouth. Sometimes I just crunch them up, skin and all-but not the seeds. Did you know that I can spit a grape seed from the mailbox clear out to the road?

“My favorite dinner is spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce. I pretend I'm eating worms and bugs. I chew up all the bugs, and then I suck up the worms. When they slide into my mouth, they sometimes flick on my nose, leaving a blob of red sauce, and Dad says, 'Stop playing with your food.'

“My favorite drink is lemonade slush. It has this sweet-and-sour taste that makes my tongue curl up at the edges. On a hot day it cools me better than anything, but I can't drink it too fast because the ice makes my head bones hurt. The best lemonade slush is the stuff we make together, Grandma, when you let me juice the lemons and grind up the ice, and we drink it together on the porch swing.

“Well, those are my favorite things,” I said. “Tell me, Grandma, what is your favorite thing in the whole wide world?”

”Why, honey, that is easy,” she said. “My very favorite thing is you.” Q4 

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  1. the print or remains of a plant or animal in a rock from a time in the past
  2. a type of singing where one changes between a natural voice an a much higher voice
  1. the print or remains of a plant or animal in a rock from a time in the past x
  2. a type of singing where one changes between a natural voice an a much higher voice x

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