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We’re excited to learn about your curriculum adoption timeline and goals. Together, we’ll create a pilot plan, which includes custom training and digital setup for your team.

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Teachers will learn about the design of CommonLit 360 and strategies to confidently facilitate their first unit. They will also have ongoing access to professional learning and support.

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Teachers will use reading, writing, vocabulary, and discussion lessons within a 360 unit. If questions arise, your CommonLit expert will be on-hand to provide tips.

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We’ll debrief your team’s pilot and build a tailored plan for official implementation.

CommonLit 360 drives student gains

Getting teachers to use units from CommonLit 360 is easy because CommonLit is created by teachers and tested by teachers.
Leigh Pafford Special Education / ESL Teacher
CommonLit 360 is a great program that allows for flexibility within your curriculum. You can align your classroom units to CommonLit 360 as well as use it to scaffold instruction.
Barbara Gonzalez 6th Grade ELA Teacher
Teachers saw a 10% increase in students who were on track for mastery and credited the new CommonLit 360 units with helping them get those gains.
Terri Bradshaw Literacy Instructional Coach

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  • CommonLit Digital Library
  • CommonLit 360 Curriculum

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  • Introductory webinars
  • On-demand professional development
  • Quarterly PD & 360 Consulting

Assessments & Data

  • CommonLit Assessment Series
  • Administrator Data
  • 360 Unit Skills Assessments

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  • Priority customer support and rostering
  • ClassLink and Clever rostering
  • Canvas integration

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