One Company is Helping Female Entrepreneurs Transform Society

Business Insider January 13, 2017
CommonLit, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit founded by Michelle Brown and Sarah Mielbye, was one of the companies accepted into the 2016 class of AT&T's Aspire Accelerator..."I hope we can get to the point where it's no longer remarkable for a young woman to be in charge of a fast-growing tech company," says Brown.

New Features from Literacy Tool Continue to Help Struggling Readers Manage Difficult Text

Education World January 20, 2017
In addition to the text sets, CommonLit has introduced a guided reading mode that focuses on ensuring that students of all reading levels are able to follow along with and comprehend complex texts.

CommonLit Releases New Features That Offer Lessons on Literacy Reading and History

THE Journal January 19, 2017
Text sets cover a range of historical, cultural and political topics and include relevant reading passages from a variety of genres. Topics include “Modern Democracy in America,” “Native American History,” “The American Revolution,” “Immigration” and “The Civil Rights Movement.”

This Constellation of Groups Fighting Urban Poverty Just Got $1 Million in Funding

Fast Company January 11, 2017
"Fix one city and you may change the world. After all, more people than ever are flocking to metro areas: more than 75% of the globe’s population is expected to be urban by 2050. Figure out how to help the underprivileged in just one of those zones, the theory goes, and you can transport it elsewhere. If everyone did that, there would be a lot of societal Band-Aids to go around. The Future Cities Accelerator, a partnership between The Rockefeller Foundation and Unreasonable Institute, has awarded $1 million to a series of groups willing try."

Feature Rich Literacy Resource Offers Superb Support for Readers (REVIEW)

Common Sense Education November 2016
"CommonLit's adaptive reading toolbar makes text accessible for students at a variety of reading levels and language abilities. It's perfect for English language learners and struggling readers. Every passage -- printed in PDF format or accessed online -- includes footnotes with vocabulary words and essential background information that is critical for kids to understand when reading a passage. The included discussion questions get students thinking critically about text during independent reading and beyond. Thinking about reading is further encouraged by text-dependent questions that are included with each passage."

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