Literacy Start-ups Outside Silicon Valley Transforming K-12 Education

Educelerate May 25, 2017
[CommonLit is one of] five dynamic innovative new literacy focused ventures delivering real educational outcomes from the rest of the country.

The Hidden Power Of A Nonprofit Business Model

Forbes May 23, 2017
Many smart people discouraged me from starting a nonprofit. The established tech startup community seemed to view nonprofit corporations as outmoded and foolish. In retrospect, I'm glad I ignored these people and trusted my gut. In the end, my goal wasn’t to make money; it was to do good in the world.

Building Reading Units Just Got Easier With CommonLit

TeachThought May 15, 2017
Edtech nonprofit CommonLit announced recently the launch of a new free feature which allows teachers to browse its entire digital library by 50 commonly-taught book titles. The new “Browse by Book” tool helps teachers find reading passages to supplement book units.

CommonLit Introduces a New Book Pairing Feature

Free Technology for Teachers May 4, 2017
This week CommonLit introduced a new feature that they call Book Pairings. Book Pairings provides teachers with a collection of short articles to supplement the books that their students are reading.

Up Your Reading Game with @commonlit

The Paperless Trail March 27, 2017
Reading is fundamental. We know this, the challenge is finding resources to use to help teach fundamental skills to our students. We like a variety of resources/tools to use to help engage students. Some of them hit the mark, some of them miss, and some you wonder if they are worth the effort. is one that certainly hits the mark.

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